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The IRS and OneLife

Separation of church and state only goes so far. There are still rules that the IRS says the church has to follow.

One of those impacts you and your giving.

By donating to OneLife Church, you can claim those contributions as tax deductions. However, if you want credit on 2017 here’s something important you must know: the IRS says a donation must be made by 11:59pm on December 31 to be deducted in 2017, regardless of when the donation is received by the church.

Since we aren’t having church on December 31 – an annual tradition to take the last Sunday of the year off for our volunteer teams to rest – it means there are two ways you can give to get credit in 2017.

  1. Give online by 11:59pm on Sunday, December 31. Simply visit and regardless of when the transaction clears, you will get credit on your 2017 contribution statement.
  2. Mail a check postmarked December 30 to PO Box 1763, Powell, TN 37849. Regardless of when we receive the check, the postmark will ensure the gift is on your 2017 contribution statement.

Whether you’d like to give an offering above and beyond to the Big ReGift Christmas Offering or you just want to get “caught up” on the year, these are the ways you can make sure that gift is included on your 2017 contribution statement to then be deducted on your 2017 taxes.

More importantly, your generosity ensures we can continue to make a difference in Knox County and beyond!

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