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Security at Church

Not long ago, my wife Harrison went to get our kids from Kid City after a Sunday morning service had ended. But she couldn’t get back to our kids’ classrooms. The security team wouldn’t let her.

I still had our security tag that families must have to get in the kids wing of our campuses. And the security team simply did their job, kindly explaining she would need a security tag first.

I guess even the pastor and pastor’s wife has to follow the rules, huh?!

But I was actually very happy to hear this, and Harrison was, too. There’s nothing more important than keeping our families safe, especially the kids, on Sunday mornings.

Because of that, you may have noticed an increased presence of our volunteer security team this past Sunday at our North Campus in the parking lot, lobby, auditorium, and kids areas, and you will soon see the same at the East Campus. With their black shirts and walkie talkies, you might wonder if everything is ok.

Are we worried? Did something happen? Has there been a threat?

The answer to all of those is NO! (Well, except for that time my brand new truck got stolen from the parking lot. But maybe that’s more about learning to not leave the keys in it in plain view of the world. But I digress…)

As our church is growing, we simply want to do all we can to make sure you and your family are safe. This group of volunteer security guys has been trained to handle everything from first aid responses to a worst-case scenario and everything in between. But no need to be alarmed! In fact, I hope you feel even more safe and secure to come spend time focusing on Jesus.

If you would like to volunteer on this team at either campus, please do! Mark your connection card this Sunday morning or simply email Steve Ross, our security team leader, at to find out how you can get involved.

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