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Questions about the Bible

Last Sunday we started a new series about the basics of our faith. Week one focused on how we got the Bible and what it’s purpose is for our lives.

We gave you the opportunity to ask questions, and you did! While they were different than I expected, I’m glad you asked! Here we go…

Where did different races come from? Does the Bible say?

This questions isn’t so much about where the Bible came from or how we use it in our lives, but it’s a question many ask! Christians believe that after the worldwide flood, only Noah’s family was left on the earth. So all humanity today descended from Noah! God told Noah’s family to be fruitful and multiply to fill the earth. But the generations that followed disobeyed, and up to that point shared one language and one race. So God caused different languages to scatter the people to new places in the world. Modern science tells us that our bodies are able to adapt to our surroundings and in a matter of just a few generations, those living in very sunny environments with high levels of UV light would develop very dark skin. Similarly, those living in environments with low levels of UV light would have much lighter skin to soak in more vitamin D. This is a quick answer in a few sentences to this common question! Read more on your own in Genesis 9 and 11, or this website that goes into more scientific and biblical detail.

Are Dinosaurs in the Bible?

This has to be the most popular Bible question that I’ve ever been asked! The simple answer is YES! It does appear they are! First, we have to understand that the word “dinosaur” was not used in the English language until the 1800s. So we wouldn’t see the word used in English translations of the Bible before this (i.e. the King James Version, translated in 1611). The Old Testament does talk about “dragons” and a “behemoth” where substituting the word “dinosaur” would make perfect sense. But haven’t we been taught that dinosaurs lived before people? This is where creationists and evolutionists would disagree. Those who believe a literal interpretation of the biblical account of creation believe humans and dinosaurs would have existed on earth at the same time, and the debate to proving or disproving this theory comes down to how fossils are dated – a rather inexact science according to creationist scientists. Regardless, (because remember: this doesn’t change the foundation of our faith – the resurrection of Jesus – either way!) dinosaurs do seem to be mentioned in the pages of scripture. For more on this from the viewpoint of creationist science, check out this website.

Both of these questions actually fit more with what we will talk about next Sunday: creation. But I’m glad you asked, and I look forward to more of your questions!

For more on how the Bible got here over the course of 1500 years and from 40 different authors, check out this website. Just ignore their first sentence…what they meant to say is, “The resurrection is the foundation to our faith and the Bible is our guide as we walk through that foundation!” 😉

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