The last thing we want is more church members. Why, you ask? Webster defines “member” as one of the persons who compose a social group. OneLife Church is anything but just another social group. We are a body of baptized believers committed to seeing people discover God and how their one life can make a difference. This takes hard work and for that to happen, we don’t need members. We need partners.

OneLife Partners have surrendered their lives to Jesus, been baptized and are committed to weekly worship attendance. They give Jesus their best by volunteering and tithing. They also don’t do life alone and are connected to a small group. And lastly, OneLife Partners are on a mission to multiply like Jesus by sharing their faith story where they live, work, and play.

This is explained in more depth at the Get-To-Know OneLife events held throughout the year. Mark your Connection Card on Sunday morning if you are interested in attending the next Get-to-Know OneLife event or fill out the next steps form on this page.