At OneLife we love kids so much that we refuse to bore them with a service designed for someone much older. For that reason we have created spaces that are safe, age-appropriate, extremely fun, and teach the Bible in a creative and relevant way.

Classes are available starting at six weeks old and we strongly encourage parents to check their children into Kid City rather than bringing them into the adult worship services. Your kids will thank you for that! However, we also know that kids learn best from their parents so we design “family Sundays” several times each year where the entire family experiences worship together.

For your first visit to Kid City, here are a few helpful things to know…


Check-In Information

Check-in opens 15 minutes prior to the service so that you and your child don’t miss any of the worship time. On your first time at check-in we’ll need to collect some personal information such as family members’ names, childrens’ birthdays, any allergies, etc. For your child’s safety, our check-in closes and all children’s areas are secured once their large group time begins – around 15 minutes into the service.

Security Identification

You and your child will be given matching identification tags that are exclusive to your family and your visit. Your child will wear a printed name tag which bears a code that is matched to your tag during checkout at the end of the service. Should your child need you during the service, we will text you. More details about opting into that text system are below. During checkout, you’ll walk back to your child’s room, show your tag, and then pick them up. For the safety of all of our kids, we don’t release any child without the appropriate tag being presented.

Text Alert System

When you first check in to Kid City you will set up your phone number for our text alert system. In the rare case that we need to reach you during the service we will text you from the check-in area. Please make sure you keep your phone nearby, and if you receive a text come on out to the check-in area.


Frequently Asked Questions

Safety and security are at the forefront of importance for Kid City. Specifically, all kids and guardians are given matching tags. Children cannot be picked up by an adult without the security tag that is given at check-in. Parents can be notified at any time by text during the worship service if they are needed in the children’s area. Additionally, children’s areas are secured and monitored at all times once the service begins. 
Volunteers in Kid City are highly dedicated and see the opportunity to serve children and families as a privilege. All of our volunteers pass through security screenings and training. Please contact us at mail@onelifeknox.com if you would like to get involved and experience Kid City as a volunteer.
If for some reason you were to lose your identification tag, please go directly to Kid City Check-In. Be ready to present your driver’s license for identity verification in order to receive a duplicate identification tag.
Children’s classes are available starting at six weeks old and we strongly encourage parents that by the time their child is 6 months old through 5th grade they be checked into Kid City rather than bringing them into the adult worship services. While this helps keep distractions in the adult auditorium at a minimum, the main reason is so your children can experience church on their own level and in a way that will help them begin to discover God. And they will have a blast! Additionally, we may be addressing “adult” topics from the Bible that Sunday in the auditorium that children may not be mature enough to handle.
Please label your child’s belongings before you arrive (bags, bottles, pacifiers). Our volunteers will also have labels to make sure you get home with everything you came with.
We want to help ALL kids discover God and how their one life can make a difference. So if your child has additional needs we have trained volunteers that will help accommodate your family and facilitate your child’s inclusion into the life of the church. Those volunteers have been trained by professionals in special needs education and will ensure that your child is safe and included into Kid City while you attend the adult worship service.

If you have questions or would like to communicate your special needs please email mail@onelifeknox.com.