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Flu Proofing Kid City

I walked into the small kitchen in our church office last week when I saw an unusual sight: around 3,000,000 legos were all over the counter tops.

It was just another day in Kid City during flu season. These legos had been washed and disinfected, and were now drying to get ready for another Sunday at OneLife.

Our Kid City teams at both campuses have been working hard this winter to keep all of our rooms disinfected from week to week, and that includes disinfecting the toys and all surfaces that your kids come into contact with each week. We do this because we understand the reality that we can’t all stay at home for the entire winter, but yet you want to know your kids will be safe and sound when you come to church.

You can help us, too! If your child has been sick or dealing with any symptoms, help us by following these guidelines. All of our volunteers follow these guidelines, as well.

We do this so you and your family can keep growing in your faith and not miss a Sunday of what God is doing at our church. We’ll see you this weekend!

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