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Five Things For Every OneLifer on Easter

Tomorrow is the biggest day of the year for Christians all over the world and for our church! Here are five things I want every OneLifer to do to make this the best Easter ever!

  1. Come Early. There will be more guests than any other day of the year. Help us by coming early, get your kids checked in early, grab a cup of coffee and head into the auditorium early so our guests can be cared for more easily!
  2. Carpool! Parking at both campuses will be maxed out. So don’t do what my family usually does on Sundays and come in three cars! Carpool, and park in the back to leave the best spots for guests!
  3. Talk to someone you don’t know. Remember – people aren’t looking for a friendly church. They are looking for friends! You will be surrounded by people you don’t know tomorrow. Start a conversation! It’s as easy as, “Hey! I don’t think we’ve met. My name is…”
  4. Invite somebody. Do it! Right now! Seriously…why are you still reading this? The only guaranteed way that no one you know comes to church with you is by NOT inviting them! So send a text, facebook message, or call them. Right now! It could change their life!
  5. PRAY!!! Spend some time today and tonight praying for God to do something so great that only He can get the credit!

It’s going to be an AMAZING day of celebrating Jesus and seeing Him change lives! Do NOT miss it and don’t come alone!!!

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