When They Say No

This Sunday we are challenging every OneLifer to bring someone to church with them. For many of you, inviting someone will be your first step toward talking about anything of faith to friends and family around you. And it is just that – the first step! The goal is to live our lives every day talking

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Objections to the Bible and Jesus

There’s one thing I’ve always secretly wanted to do, and it’s a dream that will probably never come true. I’ve always wanted to be in court, hear something my opposer says that is inappropriate, and yell as loudly and obnoxiously as I can, “Objection!” Why? I have no clue. Just

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love my church shirt

Free Gift Inside this Post! (Seriously!)

This Sunday we’re doing something we’ve never done before. We’ll be giving away 800 t-shirts. Yep, every single person that comes to OneLife on Sunday will get one. For free. No strings attached. Just like the one pictured above. Now why would we do this? There’s a very specific reason

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duct tape rectangle

Everyone Loves Duct Tape

Isn’t duct tape AMAZING?! If you’ve lived at all, you’ve used duct tape to fix something it wasn’t meant to fix! What’s most amazing about duct tape is that it’s cheap, you probably already have some, and it works miracles. That’s the mentality that has been the driving force for OneLife

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New Staff at OneLife

You may not realize it, but OneLife has some of the most incredible people on its staff. Every single person – literally every one of them – has left what outsiders might call more “lucrative” positions to serve in the local church. From a teacher to an engineer to a

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How Gay Marriage Ruling Changes OneLife

Your facebook feed is blowing up. Some are saying you are in the hateful minority if you dare disagree with the ruling (forgetting that it was a narrow 5-4 decision). Others are saying Jesus must be getting ready to return as if he was waiting for the last 13 states

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What Happens When You Skip

It’s summer time! Time for baseball, beach trips, ice cream melting before you finish the cone, pop up thunderstorms, and skipping church. Yep, that’s right, no need to pretend it doesn’t happen. Churches everywhere are missing 30% of their attendance every Sunday in June and July. So as your pastor,

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I Quit

Dear World, I’ve had enough. You have, too, whether you’ve realized it yet or not. I believed a lie. It’s a lie that had me going all-in on more that you taught me I had to do. I had to win. That was important. So that meant I had to

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Did You Know…

Not too long ago, OneLife was a brand new church. If you were involved, you knew pretty much everything there is to know about the church. But now we’ve grown to a place that you may not know all the stories of what goes on or all the awesome opportunities.

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