How to Leave Your Church

When OneLife started six years ago, our desire was to attract people who didn’t go to church already. But yet every single Sunday I meet a first time guest who tells me they are here looking for a “new” church because of something that happened at their “old” church. Most

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Hope from Oregon Tragedy

Yesterday our nation was stunned once again with the news of a mass shooting. Nine college students were killed at an Oregon community college in the midst of their Thursday afternoon class. But yet the news of this tragedy took a unique turn from the all-too-many news reports we’ve heard of these

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A Response to Abortion

This week the hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion gained tons of media attention, and led to a very important response that is also gaining recognition in the form of the hashtag #ShoutYourAdoption. At first, I just perused the varying posts to see what was being said on each side. And then it hit

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Mission Team Update

OneLife sent a team to the Dominican Republic this week to serve alongside Love Serves International in helping local churches there reach out to their communities and to help build a community ministry center. Communication from the remote location where they are serving is very limited, but we know that

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Six for Six

I can’t wait to celebrate OneLife’s sixth birthday on Sunday! (PS…don’t forget to bring a present! Not for us but for our community! Click here to see what!) It got me thinking, what are my six favorite memories from the past six years? Here they are! Our first day. I’ll

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When They Say No

This Sunday we are challenging every OneLifer to bring someone to church with them. For many of you, inviting someone will be your first step toward talking about anything of faith to friends and family around you. And it is just that – the first step! The goal is to live our lives every day talking

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Objections to the Bible and Jesus

There’s one thing I’ve always secretly wanted to do, and it’s a dream that will probably never come true. I’ve always wanted to be in court, hear something my opposer says that is inappropriate, and yell as loudly and obnoxiously as I can, “Objection!” Why? I have no clue. Just

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love my church shirt

Free Gift Inside this Post! (Seriously!)

This Sunday we’re doing something we’ve never done before. We’ll be giving away 800 t-shirts. Yep, every single person that comes to OneLife on Sunday will get one. For free. No strings attached. Just like the one pictured above. Now why would we do this? There’s a very specific reason

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duct tape rectangle

Everyone Loves Duct Tape

Isn’t duct tape AMAZING?! If you’ve lived at all, you’ve used duct tape to fix something it wasn’t meant to fix! What’s most amazing about duct tape is that it’s cheap, you probably already have some, and it works miracles. That’s the mentality that has been the driving force for OneLife

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