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Part 2: Never Too Big



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Think back through Sunday’s message. What stuck out?

Key Scriptures:

Key Scriptures: Hosea 1:6-11

Bottom Line:

There is no unfaithfulness too big for God’s grace to redeem.

Key Notes:


  • God had a covenant agreement with Israel that He would be their God and they would be His people. All they had to do was obey!
  • Over the years, they would be on again, off again with their side of the agreement. So God chose prophets like Hosea to preach truth to them in hopes of bringing them back to Him.
  • Hosea’s message would be unique in that God would use his own marriage and family as an illustration of God’s relationship with Israel, in that Israel had acted like a prostitute in their relationship with God.
  • The basis of Israel’s unfaithfulness was idolatry. Idolatry is always the root of unfaithfulness!
  • When God seems absent, we have to remember that unfaithfulness is my choice.
  • But unfaithfulness doesn’t take God from me. Unfaithfulness takes me from God.
  • Even still, there is never unfaithfulness so big that God’s grace can’t redeem!


    Start Talking – Get the Conversation Started!

    • Have you ever known someone who seemed able to fix anything that was broken?

    Start Thinking

    • Read Hosea 1:6-7. What was different about Judah compared to Israel (hint: look at the last line of verse 7!) Why did this allow God to protect Judah? Why couldn’t he show love and forgiveness to Israel?
    • Read Genesis 15:1-6 and then read Hosea 1:8-11. How was God reaffirming his original covenant in this promise to Hosea? How was this offering hope to Hosea, and how does it offer hope to you?

    Start Sharing

    • How do you think Hosea was feeling by the time this third child was born? How does this help you understand how God was feeling about the Israelites? How does it help you understand how He feels when we aren’t sold out to Him?
    • When have you experienced betrayal like Hosea – and God – are experiencing in this story? How does this help you relate to God?
    • In Hosea 1:10, his wife Gomer is still out betraying him and living far from him, just as Israel is still far from God. Yet God offers hope with the phrase, “Yet a time will come…” in the midst of all the unfaithfulness and brokenness. How does this offer you hope in the midst of your own brokenness?

    Start Doing

    • What can you do to be always faithful? What steps do you need to take to get rid of your idols that might lead you to unfaithfulness?
    • How would living an always faithful life impact the way you can share your story with people around you? How does not living always faithful prevent living on mission?

    Start Praying

    • Take some time to thank God that he offers hope in the midst of brokenness!
    • Confess to God the ways you have allowed something other than Jesus to be all that you need, and lead you to unfaithfulness.
    • Ask God to help you do what needs to be done to live an always faithful life!

    Start Digging

    • Genesis 15
    • 2 Kings 9 and 10

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