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Part 4:



This study guide is provided for OneLife Home Groups to use as the guide for your time together. You can also use it to go deeper on your own throughout the week! Need to join a home group? Click here!


Home Groups Launch Today!

One of our values at OneLife is that we don’t do life alone! So we encourage everyone to take the next step of joining a Home Group. These small groups of 10-12 people meet in homes throughout the city at different days and times during the week and allow you to connect with and share life with other people. We’re having a home groups launch event today at 12:15pm right after the second service where you’ll meet your group and have lunch together. Childcare will be provided. To sign up go by Next Steps in the lobby of your Campus or for more information about Home Groups go to

Kid City Team Nights

Did you know that every month it takes a TON of volunteers to prepare all of the arts and crafts, games, and lesson plans for our kids ministry? That’s where you come in! At 6:30pm on Tuesday, January 30 at the North campus and Thursday, February 1st at the East campus you’re invited to help us make it all happen. From cutting out crafts, to organizing lesson plans, building crazy games, and more – it’s a lot of fun and it’s a huge way for you to support Kid City. For more information about Kid’s Ministry go to:

OneLife Students

OneLife’s Student Ministry meets every Wednesday night at 6:30pm at each campus. If you’re in middle or high school, this is a great way for you to get to know other students, grow in your faith, and have a lot of fun too! If you’d like more information about OneLife Students stop by the student banner in the lobby of your Campus or go to


If you’ve given your life to Jesus, but haven’t gone public with your story through baptism, then it’s time to take that next step! Go to so that we can help you get started.


Think back through Sunday’s message. What stuck out?

Key Scriptures:

Key Scriptures: Zechariah 4:9-10, Luke 16:10, Matthew 6

Bottom Line:

Baby steps are the breakthrough for a life on the move.

Key Notes:

  • Just as we take baby steps in life and celebrate them, God celebrates when we take baby steps spiritually.
  • Zerubbabel had only laid the foundation of the Temple and made no further progress for 17 years. Yet God encouraged him to not despise the small beginnings!
  • When you give…take baby steps to give personally and to give corporately. Whatever you gave in both ways last year, take baby step to give more in 2018!
  • When you pray…take baby steps to pray with questions and pray by listening. Don’t babble!
  • When you fast…start with baby steps! Fast something daily and something monthly.


    Start Talking – Get the Conversation Started!

    • When have you seen someone take a baby step in some way that caused you to celebrate with them?
    • When was the last time you took a baby step in some way but maybe didn’t want anyone to know about it because it seemed too small?

    Start Thinking

    • Read Zechariah 4:9. 17 years had passed since the foundation was laid when this message was sent. How do you think this encouraged Zerubbabel? How does it encourage you?
    • Read Zechariah 4:10. Why do you think Zerubbabel needed to be told this? Why do we need to hear this, too?
    • Read Luke 16:10. How does seeing God as the Heavenly Father help make this verse even more real? Why do you think we so often skip being faithful in the small things and want to jupm straight to the greater things?

    Start Sharing

    • When you think about Zerubbabel being encouraged to finish the work that began so long ago, what does it make you think about in your own life that God isn’t finished with yet? What is the foundation that was laid, and what has kept it from being completed?
    • When you think about God telling Zerubbabel to not despise the small beginnings – even though everyone else and even he had done so – what small beginnings in your spiritual life come to mind? What do you need to celebrate with rather than focussing on it being small or just getting started?
    • When have you seen Luke 16:10 come to life in your life? Have you ever been unfaithful in the small things and asked God for bigger? And when were you faithful in the small things and God gave you greater?

    Start Doing

    • What baby steps are going to take when you give personally and when you give corporately?
    • Read Matthew 6:6-8. What baby steps can you take when you pray?
    • What baby steps can you take to fast? What can you give up daily and even once a month to give more time, effort, attention, and energy to Jesus?

    Start Praying

    • Take some time to thank God that he rejoices over you when you take baby steps!
    • Confess to God the ways you have given up or have been disobedient instead of taking a simple step toward obedience.
    • Ask God to help you take simple steps in these areas of spiritual discipline when you give, pray, and fast!

    Start Digging

    • Matthew 6
    • Zechariah 4

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