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Part 2: Mission Impossible



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OneLife Students United Night Christmas Party

Christmastime is here and OneLife Students is throwing a huge party to celebrate! Join us for our United Night Christmas Party on December 13 at 6:30pm. Both campuses will meet at the North location. Invite a friend, dress like your favorite Christmas movie character, and get ready to have an absolute blast. For more information, stop by the OneLife Students banner in the lobby.

Kid City Christmas Pajama Party, December 17

On Sunday, December 17 Kid City is having a Christmas pajama party during both services! Wear your favorite PJs and be ready for Christmas games, Christmas goodies and a special message. We can’t wait to see you there!

OneLife Christmas Services, December 22, 23 & 24

OneLife’s annual community Christmas services are only a few weeks away! Come experience the sights and sounds of the season during this modern, yet traditional Christmas production. From candlelight and Christmas carols to lights, music, and more – OneLife’s Community Christmas Service is an event you won’t soon forget! They’ll take place at OneLife’s North & East campuses on December 22 at 7pm, December 23 at 7pm, and December 24 at 10am. Then, we’ll have our first ever West campus service on December 24 at 4pm. Visit for more information and to reserve your free tickets today!

Christmas Missions Offering, December 17

Each Christmas season we challenge our OneLifers to give their biggest gift to Jesus during the Big Regift Christmas Offering. This year our goal is $35,000, and it will go to support OneLife’s missions partners – Emerald Academy, Hope Resource Center, UT Campus Ministries, Love Serves International, and the Ignite Church Planting Network. Plus, a portion of this year’s offering will also go to toward startup costs for our new West campus launching in 2018! You can give to the offering any time in December using the Christmas Offering envelopes on Sundays or online at


Think back through Sunday’s message. What stuck out?

Key Scriptures:

Key Scriptures: Luke 1:30-38

Bottom Line:

The impossible becomes possible when God’s perspective becomes my perspective.

Key Notes:

  • God’s Plan + My Human Perspective = Impossible
  • My human perspective questions God.
  • My human perspective answers with excuses.
  • God’s perspective transforms my perspective to see no limits.
  • My transformed perspective responds with total abandon.
  • God’s Plan + God’s Perspective = Possible!


Start Talking – Get the Conversation Started!

  • When have you had to do something or figure something out that seemed impossible through your perspective (like Rodney’s fence!) but someone else saw it differently and made it possible?
  • From your example above, talk about how nothing changed about what seemed impossible. The only thing that was different was perspective.

Start Thinking

  • Read Luke 1:28-29. Why do you think she was confused and disturbed? What doest his teach about God’s perspective and how it was different than Mary’s?
  • Read Matthew 1:18-19. How does this passage show that Joseph also was confused and disturbed? What did he originally want to do because of his human perspective?

Start Sharing

  • Read Luke 1:30-37. In this passage, Mary’s perspective changes to God’s perspective and goes from seeing her situation as impossible to being possible. When have you experienced this in your life?
  • Read Romans 12:2. Now think through Mary’s story. How was she originally thinking like that pattern of the world? Then, how was she transformed by renewing her mind?
  • What are you most tempted to question in terms of God’s plan for you? What excuses do you find yourself offering up through your perspective as to why it is impossible?

Start Doing

  • What can you do to be “overshadowed” by the power of the Holy Spirit? What are some daily steps you can take to shift your perspective?
  • How will having God’s perspective of other people you are around every day change the way you see them?
  • How could God use this to open them up spiritually and to prepare you to share your life change story with them?

Start Praying

  • Take some time to thank God that he has a plan for you that is so big it may seem impossible!
  • Confess to God the ways you focus on your perspective and see His plans as impossible.
  • Ask God to help you see through his eyes even when he doesn’t make sense!

Start Digging

  • Luke 1 & Romans 12

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