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Part 6: The Protector



This study guide is provided for OneLife Home Groups to use as the guide for your time together. You can also use it to go deeper on your own throughout the week! Need to join a home group? Click here!


Christmas Parades

Every year OneLife participates in Christmas parades all over Knoxville. This is a great way to represent OneLife Church out in the community. Plus, it’s a lot of fun! We have 2 great opportunities for you to participate. #1 – Help us build the parade float! From construction to decorating there are plenty of ways you can help make our float come to life. #2 – Walk in the Christmas parades! We’ll be participating in 4 parades: December 1 in the downtown Knoxville parade, and December 2 in the Fountain City, Halls, and Powell parades.Sign-ups are available at

Jingle Jam – A Kids Ministry Family Experience

Jingle Jam is a Christmas Party big enough for the whole family! Kids- bring your parents to this interactive Christmas presentation. It will take place at the North Campus on December 3rd at 6:30pm. Be sure to invite another family to join you!

Kid City Team Nights

Did you know that every month it takes a TON of volunteers to prepare all of the arts and crafts, games, and lesson plans for our kids ministry? That’s where you come in! At 6:30pm on Tuesday, November 28 at the North campus and Thursday, November 30 at the East campus you’re invited to help us make it all happen. From cutting out crafts, to organizing lesson plans, building crazy games, and more – it’s a lot of fun and it’s a huge way for you to support Kid City. For more information about Kids City go to


Think back through Sunday’s message. What stuck out?

Key Scriptures:

Key Scriptures: John 14:15-17; Romans 8:11-27

Bottom Line:


Key Notes:

  • The protector teaches me.
  • The protector convicts me.
  • The protector prays for me.
  • The protector empowers me.


Start Talking – Get the Conversation Started!

  • What’s working behind the scenes to protect you in ways you don’t usually think about? (like a bank protecting you against fraud)

Start Thinking

  • Read John 14:15-16 What does Jesus mean when he says he will send another Advocate for us?
  • Read John 14:26 How is it that our Unseen Protector teaching us is a way of him protecting us?
  • Read John 16:8 How does the Unseen Protector, the Holy Spirit, convict us? What does this look like in real life?
  • Read Romans 8:26 In this verse, Paul says that when we don’t know what to pray, the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings too deep for words. How does this demonstrate how much the Father loves us as his children?

Start Sharing

  • How or when have you been aware of the Holy Spirit’s unseen protection in your life?
  • In what ways has the Holy Spirit been teaching you since you gave your life to Jesus?
  • When have you experienced the Holy Spirit convicting you? What has been your response?
  • Share about a time you felt defeated and realized the Holy Spirit was empowering you.

Start Doing

  • Think about the battle you’re fighting right now if you are fighting on your own, what is a way you can give that to your Unseen Protector this week so he can fight for you?
  • What will you seek most from the Holy Spirit this week? Him teaching you and giving you wisdom? Convicting you?Praying for you? Empowering you?
  • Where in your life would you say, “I can’t win this, but you can, God”? How will you give that to God this week? How will you help a friend do the same?

Start Praying

  • As you pray, think about the battle you’re fighting right now… Are YOU fighting on your own or is your Unseen Protector fighting for you? Take some time to thank God that he fights for you even when you don’t see it.
  • Confess to God the ways you may try to fight your own battles rather than submitting to his protection.
  • Ask God to help you trust Him as the one that protects and fights for you and also protects and fights for others you love so that you don’t have to do it yourself!

Start Digging

  • John 14 & Romans 8

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