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Part 3: It Factor



This study guide is provided for OneLife Home Groups to use as the guide for your time together. You can also use it to go deeper on your own throughout the week! Need to join a home group? Click here!


New Service Times for the Fall, 9am & 10:45am

At the beginning of the summer, OneLife changed its service times for the summer months to allow more time in between each service and start a little earlier as well. Now that the summer is nearing an end it’s time to adjust those service times back. However, we are going to keep the earlier start times! So, beginning September 10 our new service times will be 9am & 10:45am. We can’t wait to see you then!

Volunteer Interest Meeting, September 3

If you’ve been coming to OneLife but haven’t started volunteering, then it’s time to get on the team! Come to our next Volunteer Interest Meeting that we call “Test Drive” on Sunday, September 3 at 9:00am in the Meeting Room of your campus. Get signed up today at!

Kid City Glow Night – an Elementary Family Experience

Are you ready for some glow in the dark fun? Kid City’s Glow Night is an experience for elementary students and their families with glow in the dark games & entertainment that’s going to be a blast! Join us at OneLife’s East Campus on Friday Night, September 15 from 7:00-8:30pm. RSVP online at or write “Glow Night” on your Connection Card and we’ll send you the link to sign up.

Starting Point – A New Sunday Morning Group

Everything has a starting point – your life, your relationships, your education, your career. Sometimes we forget that our faith has a starting point, or might need a new starting point. Beginning Sunday, September 17 at 10:45am in the Meeting Room of your campus, OneLife is hosting an 8-week small group study that will allow you to reflect on different topics of faith, all while getting to know other OneLifers. So whether you’ve been attending OneLife for a few weeks or a few years, this is a great next step to take. Click to sign up.


Think back through Sunday’s message. What stuck out?

Key Scriptures:

Key Scriptures: Acts 16:9-15

Bottom Line:

If we build “it” they will come, as long as “it” is not in a building!

Key Notes:

  • “It” starts with a vision.
  • “It” doesn’t wait.
  • “It” requires strategy.
  • “It” starts with people.
  • “It” finds an open person.
  • “It” multiplies.


Start Talking – Get the Conversation Started!

  • What is a building or place you can think of that clearly shows “If we build it they will come” does not always work out!?
  • What is something about OneLife’s vision or strategy that stuck out to you in this message?

Start Thinking

  • Read Acts 16:6-9. How did Paul’s vision explain the frustrations he must have experienced in verses 6-8? What does this teach us about dealing with “closed doors” and our own frustrations?
  • Read Acts 16:10-12. What does this passage show about this group of guys and their commitment to the vision? What did following that vision require of them in this passage?
  • Read Acts 16:13-15. If you did in Knoxville or your community what these guys did in Phillipi, what might it look like? Think practically and strategically! You might not go to a riverbank, but what would you do?

Start Sharing

  • Why do you think churches and church people fall into the “If you build it they will come” trap so easily? How do you even find yourself giving in to that way of thinking as far as your involvement and understanding of church goes?
  • Have you ever felt like God gave you a vision for your life or for a situation? What was it? What might have tempted you to wait rather than act “at once” like we see in this passage?

Start Doing

  • Who are groups of people in your life that could be people you spend time with like Paul and his guys did with the people on the riverbank?
  • Who can you be praying for the Holy Spirit to open their heart like He did Lydia? If their heart became open, who else could it ripple out to like Lydia’s did to her entire household?

Start Praying

  • As you pray, thank Jesus for giving us a strategy that will reach our friends and family who don’t yet know him!
  • Confess to God the ways that you “wait” or don’t get involved in His strategy to reach those far from Him.
  • Ask God to show you who your “people” are and who might be an open person that you can spend time with to show Jesus.

Start Digging

  • Acts 16

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