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Part 4: Participation Trophy



This study guide is provided for OneLife Home Groups to use as the guide for your time together. You can also use it to go deeper on your own throughout the week! Need to join a home group? Click here!


Kid City Summer Team – We Need You!

Summer is almost here, which means it’s time for our Kid City Summer Team! So what exactly is it? Every year, because of the summer schedules, we have a ton of volunteer opportunities open up in Kid City. Whether it’s serving in one of the preschool classrooms, being crazy with the elementary kids, or hosting families at kids check-in on Sunday mornings – or even helping behind the scenes throughout the week – there are all kinds of ways for you to serve during the summer months. It’s not only a huge help to our church, but it will be a ton of fun for you in the process. Sign up and let us know you’re coming! Click here to sign up!

Get to Know OneLife Lunch

Do you ever wonder why we do what we do at OneLife? Do you want to know more about how you can get involved and what opportunities there are for you to grow? Or maybe you just want a free lunch?! If any of those are true, then come to the Get to Know OneLife Lunch on Sunday, May 21 immediately following the 2nd service in the Meeting Room. We hope to see you there!

Summer Kick-off Student Rally

If you’re a middle or high school student, then don’t miss our Summer Kick-off Student Rally! Students from both locations will come together for some fun & games, live worship with our student band, and a challenging message. It all happens Sunday night, May 21 at 6pm at our East campus. And if you’re coming from the North campus, we’ll have a carpool leaving from there at 5:30pm to help get you to the other campus. We can’t wait to see you there!

Night of Worship

This has been the most incredible season in the life of our church as we have seen record growth and countless stories of life change. Come celebrate all God has done Wednesday night, May 24 at 6:30pm at your campus through an extended time of music, prayer, communion, and more. You don’t want to miss this!


Think back through Sunday’s message. What stuck out?

Key Scriptures:

Proverbs 30:8-9; Mark 10:24-31; John 14:1

Bottom Line:

The larger I am, the smaller He is. The larger He is, the larger I get to become.

Key Notes:

  • Deep down we all have a desire for participation trophies! We believe we deserve recognition or attention throughout our lives.
  • This drives us to a desire to gain recognition, attention, affluence, and even fame. Our desire becomes being envied rather than pitied.
  • As we gain recognition, whether it be a participation trophy as a child or through social media attention, influence, or success as an adult, it begins to deceive us that we don’t need God.
  • Our appetite for more attention and recognition is fed, and an appetite only grows more and more. This ultimately leads to the misplaced belief that I don’t need God.
  • God’s view of the world turns this on its head! He says if we decrease, He will then increase, which actually leads us to a higher place of honor than we could ever get on our own.


Start Talking – Get the conversation started!

  • Did you ever get a participation trophy or recognition for something you deep down knew you didn’t win or really deserve? Have you ever had a “corndog experience” where you only participated because you knew there was a prize or recognition when it was over?

Start Thinking

  • Read Proverbs 3:8-9. What is this really saying? How would you put it into your own words if you made it a prayer of your own?
  • Read Mark 10:24-25. Why does Jesus say it is hard for rich people to inherit the Kingdom? (hint: think back to Proverbs 3:8-9!)
  • Read Mark 10:29-30. What does Jesus promise in verse 30? But what is required in verse 29 before someone can receive that promise?

Start Sharing

  • Go back and read Mark 10:26. Why were the disciples so surprised? What were they assuming God cared most about before Jesus cleared this up? How are you and I similar to their assumption or to how they responded here?
  • Read Mark 10:31. What do you think Jesus is talking about in this verse? How have you seen that come true already in your life or the life of someone else?
  • What is it about our culture that pushes each of us to strive for recognition, reward, affluence, status, or influence? What is your biggest temptation in this area? How does it distract you from a God-centered world view and tempt you back to a me-centered worldview?

Start Doing

  • If you made Proverbs 3:8-9 your prayer and God answered, what would your life really look like? What would have to do – or even give up – for it to happen?
  • Read John 3:30-31. What this looks like for each us will be very difference. What would you need to give up so He can become greater, rather than YOU become greater?
  • Think about the people around you where you live, work, and play. If you truly have a Christian Worldview and seek recognition and status only from God and not people, how would you be different? How would it give you natural opportunities to share the story of Jesus to those in your life?
  • Are you taking the social media fast challenge?! Remember – you can use social media, but just not to talk about yourself or your own family! What has been hard? Freeing? Convicting?What else have you experienced?

Start Praying

  • As you pray, thank God for loving you so much that he accepts you and recognizes you as one of his own children.
  • Confess to God how you are often drawn to getting your affirmation from the opinions of others, status, influence, or affluence.
  • Ask God to help you live only to make Him greater so that your one life truly does make a difference.

Start Digging

  • John 3:22-36
  • Mark 10

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