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Part 1: Jackalope Jesus



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MANday Night

April 24 isn’t going to be just another Monday night. For the guys of OneLife, it’s going to be MANday night. Come to the East campus at 7pm for some man food, man hang out time, and a challenging message geared toward men. Go to to let us know you’re coming. Dads, bring your middle school and high school sons with you!

IF Gathering 2017, a OneLife Women’s Event

Ladies, on Friday and Saturday, May 5 & 6 at the East campus we are hosting our annual women’s event called the IF Gathering. This fun and powerful weekend event features times of worship, challenging messages from some of the top women’s leaders around the country, and a chance for you to get to know other ladies at OneLife. Registration opens today, so sign up now at

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Starting Point – A New Sunday Morning Group

Everything has a starting point – your life, your relationships, your education, your career. Sometimes we forget that our faith has a starting point, or might need a new starting point. Beginning Sunday, May 7 at 11:15am in the Meeting Room of your campus, OneLife is hosting an 8-week small group study that will allow you to reflect on different topics of faith, all while getting to know other OneLifers. So whether you’ve been attending OneLife for a few weeks or a few years, this is a great next step to take. To register go to


Think back through Sunday’s message. What stuck out?

Key Scriptures:

1 Peter 1; John 14:6

Bottom Line:

Who I choose to follow determines what I believe.

Key Notes:

  • Who I follow and what I believe makes up my worldview.
  • A Christian worldview begins and ends with God.
  • A non-Christian worldview begins and ends with me.
  • A Christian worldview allows the Father to decide what’s best for me, pursues holiness, and lives as if heaven is my home.
  • A non-Christian worldview makes decisions based on feelings, pursues happiness, and lives as if earth is my home.
  • Combining parts from both worldviews creates a mythical Jesus that doesn’t truly exist, just like a Jackalope.
  • What makes Jesus unique, and backs up his claim to be the only way to the Father, is that he died for his people and the came to life again. That is a savior worth following!


Start Talking – Get the conversation started!

  • What are two things that you don’t think go together but some people like (like macaroni and ketchup or Tennessee football fans that are also Kentucky Baskteball fans!)
  • What is a myth that you believed for a period of time until you finally found out the truth?

Start Thinking

  • Read 1 Peter 1:14. What are the two ways of living that are presented here? How do they line up with the two worldviews you learned about on Sunday?
  • Read 1 Peter 1:15. What does it mean to be holy? How would you explain that to someone that doesn’t understand? Read verse 16 next. What example does this give us to follow and how can you learn from it?
  • Read 1 Peter 1:17. What does this verse teach is really what we should be living for?

Start Sharing

  • What parts of the Christian worldview are you most tempted to replace or abandon? What parts of the non-Christian worldview are you most tempted to pursue and embrace?
  • Read Revelation 3:15-16. How is this example Jesus gives similar to what Peter describes in 1 Peter 1? According to what Jesus says here, how would being a lukewarm Christian really be a myth that doesn’t exist?
  • When do you find that you are most tempted to cool off and become lukewarm?
  • Read John 3:16-17. How do these verses show that Jesus is a stone dropping savior? How is this different than what you once believed or understood about Jesus?

Start Doing

  • What can you do to stay “hot” for Jesus and avoid becoming a Jackalope Jesus follower?(Hint! Read 2 Timothy 4:2, Proverbs 27:17, Hebrews 10:25, and Isaiah 55:8-9)
  • What are some specific things you could change to follow the Christian worldview more completely? What would look different in your life?
  • How would selling out to the Christian worldview give you more opportunity to share your story where you live, work, and play? What will others around you begin to notice?

Start Praying

  • As you pray, thank God for his gift of resurrection so that you can have new life!
  • Confess to God how you may at times be tempted to follow your own feelings and happiness rather than what He desires for your holiness.
  • Ask God to help you live for Him, even when it doesn’t make sense to you or the people around you.

Start Digging

  • 1 Peter 1
  • John 3

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