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Part 6: The Fall



This study guide is provided for OneLife Home Groups to use as the guide for your time together. You can also use it to go deeper on your own throughout the week! Need to join a home group? Click here!


Night of Worship

If you like Sunday morning worship at OneLife then you’ll love our night of worship coming up this Wednesday night, March 29 at 6:30pm at your campus. There will be an extended time of music, prayer, communion, and an exciting message from Pastor Rodney. You don’t want to miss this!

Kid City Team Night – We need your help!

Did you know that every month it takes a TON of volunteers to prepare all of the arts and crafts, games, and lesson plans for our kids ministry? That’s where you come in! At 6:30pm on Tuesday, March 28 at the North campus and Thursday, March 30 at the East campus you’re invited to help us make it all happen. From cutting out crafts, to organizing lesson plans, building crazy games, and more – it’s a lot of fun and it’s a huge way for you to support Kid City. Go to to let us know if you can help.

Volunteer Interest Meeting, April 2

If you’ve been coming to OneLife but haven’t started volunteering, then it’s time to get on the team! Come to our next Volunteer Interest Meeting that we call “Test Drive” on Sunday, April 2 at 9:45am in the Meeting Room of your campus. To get signed up go to

Start Here – for Elementary Kids

If you’re a parent of an elementary student and your child has been talking to you about their relationship with Jesus – or if you’re wanting to learn more about HOW to talk to your child about Jesus – then we have an event called “Start Here” that is the perfect next step for you. It’ll take place Sunday, April 9 at both campuses in the elementary area immediately following the second service, and lunch will be provided. For more information go to

Student Beach Camp 2017

Middle and High School Students listen up! Summer is only a few months away which means it’s time for our student ministry beach camp. June 26 – 30 you’ll get to hang out in Myrtle Beach, SC with other students from OneLife for a week of awesome worship, powerful teaching, and a ton of fun at the beach! Visit for all the information and to register today.


Think back through Sunday’s message. What stuck out?

Key Scriptures:

2 Samuel 11

Bottom Line:

Leaving my roots will lead to my fall.

Key Notes:

  • When David abandoned the roots that led to his rise to greatness, it resulted in him falling…and falling hard.
  • David got lazy, and was no longer rooted in excellence.
  • David was alone, no longer rooted in relationship.
  • David got proud, no longer rooted in humility.
  • David quit seeking God, no longer rooted in Him.


Start Talking – Get the conversation started!

  • When you think of people leaving their roots and it seeming weird or out of place, what comes to mind? Can you think of any companies, celebrities, sports teams, etc. that left their roots and it didn’t work so well?
  • When have you tried something that wasn’t your “roots” and it ended in something funny or not working out?

Start Thinking

  • Read 2 Samuel 11:1-2. What should David have been doing instead of taking a nap? What sticks out to you as different about David than he was before?
  • Read 2 Samuel 11:3. What chances did David have in this verse to stay rooted and not fall?
  • Read 2 Samuel 11:4. Why do you think these messengers didn’t intervene and stop David? What would have or could have been different if someone had stood up and didn’t enable David’s sin?

Start Sharing

  • Read Proverbs 18:1. How have you experienced this when you have isolated yourself? What were you trying to pursue on your own without anyone finding out?
  • Read Ecclesiastes 4:12. How have you experienced this when you had someone fighting with you and for you? How did it make a difference as opposed to the previous example when you were alone?
  • Read 2 Samuel 11:5-17. What are the three ways David tried to fix everything on his own? What is a time that you tried to fix something on your own and it didn’t work? How was this pride at work?

 Start Doing

  • What are ways you can stay rooted in relationship and not be alone?
  • What are ways you can stay rooted in excellence and not become lazy?
  • What are ways you can stay rooted in humility and not be prideful?
  • What are ways you can stay rooted in Jesus and not stop seeking God?

Start Praying

  • As you pray, thank God for picking you back up when you fall!
  • Confess to God how you often act like David and try to fix everything on your own.
  • Ask God to help you stay rooted so you won’t fall, and to help you return to your roots when you do fall.

Start Digging

  • 2 Samuel 11
  • Proverbs 18

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