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Part 2: Through Not To


This study guide is provided for OneLife Home Groups to use as the guide for your time together. You can also use it to go deeper on your own throughout the week! Need to join a home group? Click here!


Serve The City

We’ve got a great opportunity this whole month of July as we’re teaming up with our missions partners from around Knoxville to Serve The City. We’ll spend a few hours each Wednesday night doing some landscape work at our schools, spending time with the residents at the assisted living facilities, helping some of the local community and ministry centers, and much more. To sign up visit

Student Ministry

Middle & high school students – OneLife’s student ministry is back and it’s time for you to get plugged in! OneLife Students meets the first 3 Sundays of every month at 6pm at each campus. From hanging out & having fun, to growing spiritually in your small group, OneLife’s student ministry is the perfect place for you to connect with other students and share life together. We’ll see you there!

Summer Groups for Men & Women

We’re going to wrap up the summer with some groups for men & women. Our women’s group will meet on Sunday nights at 6:30pm starting July 17 and will go through Beth Moore’s book “Living Free.” Also starting in July will be 2 men’s groups that will meet in the evenings during the week. For more information or to sign up go to:

Next Gen Sunday on August 7

Save the date of August 7 for OneLife’s Next Gen Sunday! During the service we will feature our next generation of disciples and leaders, hear stories from our student ministry, experience worship led by our student ministry band, and have a special time where our preschool and elementary kids will share a song they’ve been singing during OneLife Kidz worship. Don’t miss this incredible Sunday!


Think back through Sunday’s message. What stuck out?

Key Scripture:

Luke 8:27-39

Bottom Line:

Jesus wants to go through me for my people, not just to me for my benefit!

Key Notes:

  • When water gets stuck and doesn’t drain, the very thing that was meant to clean or bring life becomes destructive and dirty.
  • That is the very thing that happens to many Christians – they want more “living water” for themselves, but yet that’s not what Jesus ever intended!
  • He wants to go through me for my people, not just to me for my benefit.
  • Like the man in the story, Jesus wants me to come to Him, demons and all.
  • He wants my people to see my miracle.
  • Jesus will keep sending me out to my people, not in to myself!


Start Talking – Get the conversation started!

  • Has water ever destroyed something of yours because it got stuck or went where it wasn’t supposed to?
  • Have you ever had too much of a good thing, and by getting too much or keeping it to yourself it became a really bad thing?

Start Thinking

  • Read Luke 8:27-28 and verse 31. What did the demons recognize about who Jesus was and his authority over them?
  • Read Luke 8:32-37. Why did the people ask Jesus to leave? What were they threatened by?
  • Read Luke 8:38-39. What did the formerly possessed man want to do? What did Jesus tell him to do instead? How did the man respond to Jesus’ command?

Start Sharing

  • Jesus let them man come to him, demons and all. Did you feel like your “demons” or your baggage would keep you from Jesus before surrendering to him? Have you ever felt like your “demons” were keeping you from Jesus?
  • Jesus made sure the possessed man’s people saw his miracle in a very public way. Why do we often convince ourselves that our faith is a private faith since there are so many examples like this in the Bible teaching us otherwise? What are we afraid of?
  • How would you describe the miracle of what Jesus has done for you? In other words, what is your story? (Hint! In 45 seconds or less, share who you were before Jesus, how Jesus saved you, and what is different about your life with Jesus.)
  • The man wanted to get on the boat and just stay with Jesus. How do we often revert to this same kind of mindset? How does our “church mentality” often lead us to expect for this to be the right thing to do instead of what Jesus tells us to do through this story?
  • Jesus sent the man back to his “oikos,” aka his “people,” even the ones he may have thought he lost influence with. Who are your “people” at the intersection of where you live, work, and play that Jesus would send you back to? How do you see that you have influence with them, even if in small ways?

 Start Doing

  • Read Matthew 10:32-33. These are heavy words Jesus uses! What does he teach through them?
  • What can you do this week to have a public faith with your oikos, or your people?
  • How can you spend your time differently this week so your people can have a chance to see your miracle?

Start Praying

  • As you pray, thank God for giving you people to live life with but also to influence for Christ.
  • Confess to God how you may live selfishly at times rather than living with your oikos and your people in mind.
  • Ask God to show you who your people really are so you can invest your time and influence in a way that will impact eternity.

Start Digging

  • Matthew 10

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